Winter W Trek – Day IV

Refugio Paine Grande (Pehoe) to Glaciar Grey
Distance: 26 km round trip
Time: 8.5 hours

Next to Day I, Day IV was my favorite day of the W-Trek. I’m not sure if I enjoyed it more because I knew it was our last “real” day of trekking or because it was just so genuinely fun. It was super hard but it was also just so rewarding.

We started right at sunrise (8:23 am) which was breathtaking. I grew up in Southern California which has the most amazing sunrises and sunsets but this was otherworldly.

The above picture seriously was taken and posted with zero filter. Look at those colors!

The one thing we really missed out on is seeing a puma. We saw puma tracks, poop, we even smelled their urine…yet we never saw one. Maybe it was for the best…

This marker shows you just how much we climbed. This picture was taken at Laguna Los Patos (Duck Lagoon) and we weren’t even half way there.

Walking towards Glacier Grey.

Getting closer…

We made it just in time for lunch – with a view of course.

After we were done with lunch Mauricio snuck away. At first I didn’t know what he was doing but then I quickly realized he was trying to grab a piece of glacier ice that was floating close to shore.


We each took turns holding it…

Feeling so cool.
Okay, this is super cold
I’m freezing!!!

Little did I know that Amber had been carrying some Woodford Reserver Bourboun in her pack the whole time. She busted some out and we poured it over 1,000 year old ice. The Nalgene was passed around a few times…

As if the first close up we had wasn’t enough we climbed another small hill and got THIS view…Spencer and I did our best Captain Zissou.

The fam.

Glaciar Grey
Refugio Grey (we didn’t stay here as they close for the winter but it looked awesome).

Great way to keep your energy up while trekking – jerky! We declared these when we got into the country and it was no problem to bring them in. We brought different kinds of jerky but these Epic bars were amazing!

Finally made it back!

Sadly our last dinner in Patagonia…

Day four was amazing and a great way to end the hike.


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