Winter W Trek – Day I

Refugio Central to Base Las Torres
Distance: 18 km roundtrip
Time: 7 hours

We started with what was probably the hardest (although not longest) hike. Mentally, we were prepared and physically I guess we didn’t do so bad. Our guide, Maurizio, seemed impressed with how well we did but I wonder if he told us this to keep us going.

Of course our first day was also insanely impressive. We saw so many amazing sights and were able to taste the fresh Patagonian glacier water for the very first time. The most amazing part of this is that you don’t need a filter. We were able to put our Klean Kanteen right in the streams and fill them with ice cold water. Maurizio recommended waiting to fill with water until we got a little further up the trail because sometimes the lower area has horse poop – good recco, M!

The first part of the trail was pretty steep. We used our hiking poles pretty much the whole time and at one point we even encountered some snow! So, cue snow cleats! Honestly, snow spikes/cleats were my least favorite thing of this whole trip. They were hard to put on and they hurt my hands when i put them on…but they were SO helpful! There is no way we could’ve made it up and down that mountain without them.

Taking of at 9:22 am

Refugio El Chileno

Scouts Honor Beavers
Quick check in to confirm we weren’t about to die

The lovely people at the Refugio packed us some pretty delicious lunches every day…not pictured (inside the paper bag) was an amazing smoked salmon, cream cheese and tomato sandwich that our guide Maurizio threw in for us. He was (is!) the best!

Right before this picture was taken we were hiking in high wind next to a steep drop. Maurizio told us that if we ever felt like we were going to blow over we should dig in our hiking poles and crouch down! Very helpful info…

Amber living her best life.

There’s a moment right before you know you’re about to hit the base where you think “okay…is this really worth it?” and then this happens:

Spencer made a bird friend.
Started from the bottom now we here!

The way back was actually super easy…we were able to take our time a little more as we knew what was ahead of us…

El Gaucho…so cool to see.

Day I was an absolute success. I loved every minute of it.


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