Winter W Trek – Day II

Refugio Central to Los Cuernos
Distance:  11 km
Time: 4.5 hours

So, part of the beauty of our trip booked with Chile Nativo is that they covered all of our meals. This meant, breakfast, lunch and dinner. I was afraid that we would be limited to granola bars and such but I mean….is breakfast without eggs even breakfast? No! So, we were very lucky that each and every breakfast we ate included a dose of lovely huevos, fresh made bread (Chileans don’t mess around with their bread) and aji (a delicious salsa).

Food hall at Refugio Central.

After getting through Day I we felt pretty good about starting Day II. The hike was more of a walk we were told so post breakfast we headed out bright and “early” at 9:25 am

Along the route you’ll see a lot of markers like the one above. This makes it helpful to stay on track and know you’re moving towards the right direction.

Stopped for a quick picture. Look at those mountains!

The refugio was nestled right at the foot of Los Cuernos…<3
Almost to the refugio! Lago Nordenskjöld behind us.

Checking in

The amazing refugio cook preparing our dinner!
We were tempted but then…

Part of what made our trip amazing was the people we hiked with. Our guide, Maurizio, as you’ll keep hearing through these posts, was incredible! After we dropped our things off at our room he busted out a bottle of wine he had been carrying along the whole time!!! I mean…I could barely hold my pack I’m not sure how he had that and a few other goodies the whole time.

The fam!

After we had a few glasses of wine and settled in at the refugio we decided to explore a little while there was still light out. We walked around the grounds of the refugio.

As you trek around you’ll see some bushes with the amazing Calafate berries on them. They were SO good and of course totally safe to eat.

This place even had a wood fire hot tub!


Wishing we could stay in one of these adorable little cabins but really can’t complain…
Spencer filling up on some glacier drinking water.

We went down to take a closer took of Lago Nordenskjöld – the color of the water is unreal. The reason the lake is so bright is because of the mineral content and lack of aquatic life! Incredibly, there are no fish in the lake.

You can see how windy it was closer to the water…

Immediately after this we headed back in for dinner…the most amazing stew you will ever have. Again, some fresh made bread, butter and peaches with chocolate syrup.


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