Valencia, Spain

Valencia was a very short but wonderful stay.

September 23, 2013

We arrived to Valencia at 4:30 pm after picking up our car and battling with the GPS for about an hour. The drive was wonderful and not as long as we thought.

Upon arriving we were greeted by Mirek who had an apartment on the 8th floor of Maria Cristina, 6. Right at the city center. He showed us the rooftop and balcony we were able to use during our stay.


We met the first pets on this trip – El Sid and Santa Eulalia (pictured below). Sta. Eulalia was not allowed to come into our room but we snuck her in. She had the cutest chirp that made me miss Schiap so much.


For dinner we opted to stay in and use the terrace to drink wine and eat cheese, bread and meats – This is our new favorite thing to do.


September 24, 2013

Valencia is quite commercial but also full of beautiful architecture. There are wonderful churches and marble facades.



The Towers of Serranos (pictures below) were built in 1394 under the hand of Pere Balaguer. They were clearly meant to help protect the city but were more of the trade gate of Valencia.IMG_8944

Today, our last day here, we walked into the center market to explore. The thought of being able to purchase all of your meat and produce and cook it that same day is something so foreign that I’m embarrassed at the way we eat


As our last meal we had Paella. You can’t visit Valencia without trying Paella. We opted for the Valencia style which has rabbit, chicken and snails. It also had artichokes, fava beans and green beans. It was the sort of meal that melts in your mouth and it was SO beautiful that we couldn’t even dig into it for a moment.


We drove from Sevilla to Granada today. Our drive was 5 hours but the minute we got here we knew the drive was worth it. It’s so beautiful here. I can’t wait to see it in the light of the day.


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