Patagonia – Getting There + Chile Nativo

When we decided to go to Patagonia it was a little tough to find a straight answer to “How do we get there?”. We thought about renting a car and driving but that would take too long. We thought about booking a full tour that arranged everything for us but we are self sufficient travelers so we figured we could figure it out ourselves. So, with a little help from Google we figured out where we needed to go and what the best way to get there was. I’m sure there are many ways to get to Patagonia but I’m going to tell you about how Spencer and I got there because that’s the only way I know how. If anyone has other ways then please tell us about it in the comments!

Santiago to Punta Arenas 

We landed in Santiago from NYC so after some sight seeing and a lot of eating we took a flight down to Punta Arenas. Apparently during the winter season this is the closest airport. We’ve heard that in the summer there is an airport right in Puerto Natales (closer to the park) but during our visit it wasn’t an option.

We flew from Santiago with Sky Airlines which is a small carrier. We ended up flying with Sky during our entire stay in Chile. They’re a great inexpensive airline – very basic but well organized and clean – for three one way flights we paid about $300 each. I called them a few times from New York to check baggage details and such and they were super helpful on the phone. You have to pay for your baggage separately so if you book through them make sure you pay for your luggage beforehand.

Our flight took off at 6:30 am and landed at 11:00 am. The flight is actually about 3.5 hours but at the time of our travel there was an hour time difference between Santiago and Patagonia.The reason we took such an early flight is because we wanted to get to Puerto Natales while there was still light out. We had a 5:00 pm orientation with our tour guide and wanted time to see a little bit of the town before sunset.

Punta Arenas to Puerto Natales

Once you get to Punta Arenas, you have to find a way to get to Puerto Natales. Getting to Puerto Natales from Punta Arenas takes about 3 hours by bus and although it sounds daunting after a long flight it was one of the most pleasant experiences on a bus I’ve ever had.

We decided to use Bus-Sur to travel between Punta Arenas and Puerto Natales. They had good reviews and the price was reasonable. You can very easily book your ticket on their website and pay around $11.00 each way. The bus picks up right at the airport so just make sure to book your flight around the time there’s a bus scheduled to leave so you’re not waiting too long. Our bus was around 30 minutes late but it did come. So if you’re waiting for a bit don’t despair! They will show up.

The people working for Bus-Sur were also just wonderful. They gave us blankets at the start of the ride in case we got cold and they kept coming over to clean the fog off the windows so we had a clear view out the window. Every time we passed a squad of Guanacos the driver slowed down so we could all take a close look. Side Note: I forgot my hat on the bus and the people at Bus Sur were so accommodating that someone was able to send us to the bus depot, locate the bus we were on and then let us on the bus to find my hat!

When you get to the Bus Station at Puerto Natales you can take a reasonable cab to your hotel. There is a cab line and the cab drivers are pretty much waiting at the station for anyone who needs a ride.

Puerto Natales to Torres Del Paine National Park

Getting to Torres Del Paine National Park from Puerto Natales is actually quite easy but you will need to drive there. We booked our whole hike through Chile Nativo and part of the what we got in our package was transportation to and from the Park. They picked us up at our hostel, Erratic Rock, and drove us to the park. Keep reading to learn about our actual hike with Chile Nativo and the package we purchased.

Chile Nativo…worth it?

Before committing to Chile Nativo we briefly contemplated doing the W trek on our own. We knew a few people who did Patagonia a few years before us. They got to Chile, rented all their gear and then headed to do the trek by themselves. At the time of our trek we didn’t own a lot of hiking gear and were hesitant about how much we would be able to carry. We also had no idea what to expect or knew how strenuous the hike would be so we decided to take a guide with us.

When we first started searching we were a little worried because it seemed like the park closed at the end of May/early June…this was right around the time we were going. All this said the park does technically close at the start of Chile’s winter but you can enter the park as long as you have a guide with you. So, we were somewhat forced to take a guide and it ended up working perfectly.

From the moment we started to communicate with the Chile Nativo crew they were very responsive and helpful.  We were able to book our hike and trip with them with just a little over three weeks. They gave us many options for routes, dates, distance and prices. We ended up doing the Winter W Trek (5 days, 4 nights) which set us back around $3,000 for both of us. Their website was very clear and told us exactly what we would be doing day to day. I read a few reviews that spoke about this guide “Maurizio” who was “amazing” and I secretly hoped he would be our guide…spoiler alert he was!

A few weeks before the hike they told us there was another person interested in joining the group and asked if it was okay. We talked about it and agreed it would be nice to have 4th person to balance out the group. To this day we talk about how lucky we were to have ended up with Amber – she was an amazing hiking bud!

When you sign up with Chile Nativo you want to make sure you read everything you are signing up for. I mean this in the best possible way as you’re signing up to do a pretty intense hike! This is what we go for our money:


  • Transportation to and from the Park – key if you don’t have a car! 
  • Entrance fee to Torres del Paine National Park – we heard that its very hard to figure out how navigate the website to do this so we were happy they took care of this for us.
  • Four nights in a mountain hut (sharing rooms bunk bed style) heating, showers & hot water. – again, not easy to book refugios if you’re not familiar with the area/website. 
  • All meals indicated in the schedule (B: breakfast, BL: box lunch, D: dinner) – not talking instant meals here, this means real eggs for breakfast, a box lunch with sandwich, fruit, nuts, snack, etc. and a real meal for dinner complete with home made bread. 
  • Guide (English-Spanish languages)


  • Any additional nights – trust we wanted to stay longer 
  • Medical expenses – luckily for us we had zero expenses but also Amber is a nurse so we lucked out!
  • Insurance of any kind
  • Personal expenses
  • Alcoholic drinks – there are many opportunities to buy alcohol at the refugio if you need a little sip to unwind after a long hike. 
  • Porters to carry personal belongings for 4 days (available upon request, USD$ 150 per day, with a maximum of 15K per porter, usually good to share one in between two hikers) – honestly no need for a porter, if you hop on over to my “What You Need To Pack” link you’ll see that you don’t need to carry a whole lot. 
  • Gratuities for Guide – after you have hiked this trek with your guide you will want to thank him any way possible, tip your guide! He has kept you safe and out of harms way!

So, overall, do I feel like booking our trip through Chile Nativo was worth it? ABSOLUTELY! We had the best experience with our guide and we learned so much about the area than we would have had we hiked the whole thing alone. We got the best treatment and were able to appreciate Patagonia much more than we imagined possible.

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Santiago, Chile

The vibrant capital city of Chile lies perched beneath the Andes. Although at times smog covered this charming and expansive city offers wonderful sites, sounds and especially food.

View from Cerro Santa Lucía

We spent two full days in Santiago, but honestly, I wish we had at least three. We managed to make the most of our stay but there were definitely a few areas I wish we would’ve explored more of. The people were warm and the food delicious. Not only that, most areas of the city offer stunning views of the Andes. At times we would be walking in the park and all of a sudden there they were. Big and beautiful! Below you can find our favorite places to eat, drink and visit in Santiago.

We settled on Barrio Lastarria after speaking to our friend Yaisa, who lived in Chile for three years. It’s an incredibly vibrant and artistic neighborhood that offers amazing museums, restaurants, live performances and bars. Every few steps we took we ran into a street market, cute cafe or record store.

Street market in Lastarria

Airbnb $ – of course usually the least expensive option. Here, here & here you can find a few good ones in Lastarria!

Hotel Cumbres Lastarria $$ – we stayed at a Cumbres hotel later on our trip but we walked by this location multiple times a day and admired the facade. It’s located steps from our favorite restaurant, Bocanariz, and Cerro Santa Lucia.

The Singular Santiago $$$ – The Singular is a family owned hotel that has facilities in both Santiago and Patagonia. Their hotels are absolutely stunning!


Bocanariz – José Victorino Lastarria 276, Santiago, Chile – our favorite restaurant in Santiago – we ate there two nights during out stay. Has an extensive wine list and delicious food. Best of all, it was located in the Lastarria neighborhood right around the corner from where we stayed.

Bocanariz – we tried Ritual’s Pinot Noir and loved it so much we actually went to the vineyard that produces it.

Bocanariz – Grilled salmon fillet, olive praline and gnocchi in carbonara sauce

La Fuente Alemana – multiple locations – Chile’s German heritage is noticeable all over the country, and this Santiago institution is a prime example. Named after a German Fountain around the corner from this location, LFA serves “lomito”. A pork shoulder sandwich that can be served in multiple ways. We shared an Italiano which is named after the Italian flag colors: tomato (red), mayo (white), avocado (green). I wondered why it’s not named the Mexicano…wouldn’t it make more sense as we Mexicans eat so much avocado…?

Lomito Italiano

Donde AugustoMercado Central | San Pablo 967, Santiago, Chile – we really stumbled upon this place on accident right after I just devoured my first completo.  Spencer wasn’t too fond of the mayo and avocado slathered dog so we had to find him something to eat. That’s how we found Donde Augusto. This massive place is located in the cavernous Mercado Central and  serves a long list of freshly caught seafood dishes.

Restaurante 040 – Calle Antonia López de Bello 040, Santiago, Chile – Truly a treat for all the senses. We had read was one of the top 50 restaurants in the world, we’d agree. They offer a prefix menu that was amazing.

La Bifería Av Pedro de Valdivia 065, Santiago, Chile – having a few hours to kill before our reservation to Restaurante 040 we found this place close to the base of San Cristóbal mountain. We only had a bottle of wine and a charcuterie and cheese plate, however both were great.


Bloom Café (@bloomcafechile) – Merced 307, Santiago, Chile – while walking around I needed a little pick me up and I came across this spot. Complete with a friendly staff, this small yet adorable place made me the most delicious mocha.


Wonderland Café (@wonderlandlastarria) – Rosal 361, Santiago, Chile – this cafe was located literally right below where we were staying. We didn’t have time to eat there, but did get coffee a few times. Great service and cute spot but beware – iced coffee in Chile does not mean the same thing as in the US!


When traveling, we usually don’t focus a ton on sightseeing unless it’s something we specifically visit the city for. Instead, we tend to stick with walking around, exploring neighborhoods and eating the local cuisine. However, we did see a few things in Santiago we found worth recommending:

Cerro Santa Lucia – this park is on hill which was located very close to where we stayed in Lastarria. We decided to go our last day in Santiago and it was such a nice way to spend a relaxing Sunday. The fountain area unfortunately was closed but the whole park is beautiful and offers great views of the city!

Coat: Primary NYC Dress: Primary NYC Bag: Coach x Rodarte Shoes: Zara
Coach x Rodarte


Mercado Central – locals buy fresh seafood in this market but there are many seafood restaurants. This is where we ate at Donde Augusto!

Estación Funicular Pío Nono – this cable car is located at the base of San Cristobal Hill. The cable car runs up and down the hill. Once at the top you can enjoy panoramic view of the city and the Andes.

Plaza de Armas – this is the main historic square in Santiago. It offers views of beautiful buildings and gorgeous architecture dating back to Santiago’s earliest days as the city was built around this square.



All in all we loved Santiago SO much. I honestly would love to visit again.



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Chile – Country Profile

Over the next few weeks I’ll be posting some info on our trip to Chile. Before traveling to this amazing country I honestly didn’t know a lot about it. So, I made a little guide to help anyone planning to make their way down south!

There are plenty of ways to get to Santiago, Chile. Multiple airlines like American Airlines,  LATAM Airlines, Delta, and United fly direct. Flight costs can vary from $800 –  $1,000 or more. Spencer found us tickets for under $400 with AeroMexico (!!!). He booked way back in October through Kayak’s flexible date option. Our flight was NYC > Mexico DF (about 5 hours) and then Mexico DF > Santiago (about 8 hours). On the way there we had a 5 hour layover which allowed us to run out to Mexico City for some delicious Mexican breakfast. My sister recommended Sanborn’s Azulejos which is about a 30 min cab ride from the airport. It was perfect as we wanted a sit down meal where we could relax before our next leg.

If you’re an U.S. Citizen you don’t need to pre arrange a visa but upon entering Chile you’ll receive a paper that looks just like a receipt you would get at a restaurant. It’s called a PDI slip, and you will be asked for it at every single hotel you check into- so don’t lose it! This slip has all your information (name, passport, DOB, etc.), and should be kept with your passport as you’ll need to hand it back to customs before leaving the country.

Chile is a great balance of cash and credit card economy. As long as the credit card machine is working and you’ve pre arranged your travel with your bank you should have no problem. We each have the Chase Sapphire card, and were able to pay  as little as 1,000 CHP ($1.50) when using it. No need to reach a minimum and Chase Sapphire has no foreign transaction fees so it’s perfect for travel. ATM’s are also very accessible. Our cab driver suggested using one inside a gas station or a bank just to make sure you’re safe.

The Chilean Peso is deceiving. For Americans, Chile is not a cheap country. I was expecting Patagonia to be expensive as it’s hard to get to and it’s “the furthest most part of the world”. However, I found that in general the exchange rate from USD to CHP was not working in our favor. $1.00 = 661.00 CHP which sounds like a lot but isn’t. Most things are priced just like in NYC. So, a drink could be 3,000 CHP ($4.50) for their cheapest or 9,000 CHP ($13.50) for a glass of wine. Of course you can find more price sensitive places but don’t think the food and drink quality isn’t amazing and worth it, because it is!

Most places we went to were easily walkable which became our preferred mode of transportation. In addition, every city we went to was also accessible by taxi and Uber. We used a combination of both, but mostly Uber. However, we found out that due to restrictions in the country, Uber is only allowed to take you to the airport not from. To leave, you must use an official city taxi or a shuttle bus which are reasonably priced and easy to find.

Unless you have a plan that allows you to make international calls when traveling to a foreign country I would opt to put your phone on airplane mode and just use wifi. We were able to connect everywhere we went. Most restaurants have it for free and Chile even has public wifi at airports, bus stations and different areas in the cities.

Due to the abundance of free wifi, we were able to use Google Maps easily while there. Prior to driving, we would connect to wifi and load our route on Mps which became very helpful. If you’re not familiar with this concept, all you have to do is open Google Maps and ask for directions as you regularly would and then just don’t close the app. Once you’re in the car hit the Start Navigation arrow and Siri will give you directions! The blue location dot will move along with you. Sure, there may be a short lag but nothing to be bothered by!

We were warned by our cab drivers and a few people we met to be very careful. Honestly, I don’t know if it’s because we live in NYC but we never felt unsafe. Everyone we met was super sweet and helpful! Just be smart and act like you would in any major city.

We asked our server about water from the faucet the first night we had dinner and she was very honest. You CAN drink the water and most Chileans do but perhaps you wont love the taste. I tried it and have to agree, it was very minerally but it was fine for the time we were there. Spencer has a very sensitive stomach but was never upset by their water.

In a few days I’ll tell you all about Santiago!

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Agave Fields







Wearing/Usando || CLUB MONACO Benicia Silk Camisole | DENIM SHORTS Similar from LULU*S | KAREN WALKER Starburst Crazy Tort & Gold Sunglasses | PROENZA SCHOULER PS11 | SHOES Found at a Mexican Street Market (similar here, here & here

When my sister called to tell me she was celebrating her birthday in Guadalajara I knew I had to be there to celebrate with her. Guadalajara is one of the most beautiful cities in Mexico and we spent a lot of time there while growing up so I knew going back would be amazing. The last time I was there was eight years ago, just a few weeks before moving to NYC! 

Without hesitation, we bought tickets from Mexican airline, Volaris, who recently started flying direct from JFK to Guadalajara’s Miguel Hidalgo airport. 

One of the most picturesque and adorable towns outside of Guadalajara is Tequila, Jalisco so naturally it was one of our stops. As you can imagine, this is where Tequila, the drink, comes from. The area has the perfect growth conditions for agave plants.

So, we paid a visit to one of the oldest tequilerias in the area, La CofradiaLa Cofradia is an amazing old Hacienda at the entrance of Tequila.  We got a tour of the gorgeous property and were able to do a tasting. Of course we took advantage of the amazing scenery to take some shots…

Cuando mi hermana me llamó para decirme que iba a celebrar su cumpleaños en Guadalajara sabía que tenía que estar allí para celebrar con ella. Guadalajara es una de las ciudades más bellas de México y pasamos mucho tiempo en la adolescencia, así que sabía que la íbamos a pasar increíble.

La última vez que estuve allí fue hace ocho años, tan sólo unas semanas antes de mudarme a Nueva York!  Sin dudarlo, compramos boletos de la aerolínea mexicana, Volaris, que recientemente comenzó a volar directo desde JFK hasta el aeropuerto de Guadalajara Miguel Hidalgo.

Uno de los más pintorescos y adorables pueblos fuera de Guadalajara es Tequila, Jalisco así que naturalmente fue una de nuestras paradas. Como se pueden imaginar, aquí es donde nació el Tequila, la bebida. La zona cuenta con las condiciones climáticas ideales para plantas de agave.

Visitamos  a uno de las tequilerias más antiguas de la zona, La Cofradia.  La Cofradia es una antigua Hacienda increíble en la entrada del Tequila. Nos dieron un tour de la propiedad preciosa y pudimos hacer una cata. Por supuesto que aprovechamos de el increíble paisaje de tomar algunas fotos

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Desert Heat


Palm Springs_1034

Palm Springs_1030

Palm Springs_1032

Palm Springs_1029

Palm Springs_1028 2

Palm Springs_1031

Palm Springs_1033

Palm Springs_1027

UNIQLO Crew Neck Short Sleeve | ZARA Long Jacket with Fringing | MINK PINK Slasher Flick Cut-Off Short | COS Block Heel Leather Boot


With the amount of travel I was doing in early Fall, weddings, work, etc. I have been running around like a crazy person so I haven’t had time to post this super fun photo shoot I did with my uncle.

Now that the weather is cooling off in NYC these pictures make me miss the warm Palm Springs sun. Luckily, in a little over 2 weeks we will be en route to Guadalajara. Another place I hold close to my heart.

Con la cantidad de viajes a principios del otoño , bodas , el trabajo, etc. he andado por ahí como loca. No he tenido tiempo de publicar esta super divertida sesión de fotos que hice con mi tío.

Ahora que el clima se está enfriando en NYC hecho de menos el cálido sol de Palm Springs. Por suerte , en un poco más de 2 semanas vamos a estar en Guadalajara. Otro lugar que guardo cerca de mi corazón .

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Greetings From Palm Springs









Wearing/Usando || ZARA Sleeveless Blouse | ZARA Kelly Green Trousers | ZARA Metallic Block Heel


Way before Spencer and I started taking pictures together my trusted photographer was my uncle, Jose Becerra. He is one of the most creative, talented, kind and good looking men I know 🙂

Most of my family, including my uncle, live in Palm Springs. I’m lucky enough to have such a wonderful place to call home. It’s the perfect place to decompress when I visit California. This weekend I was fortunate enough to spend some time with my uncle. He, of course, offered to help with the blog. Here are are a few of the shots we took…

Mucho antes de que Spencer y yo comenzamos a tomar fotos juntos mi fotógrafo de confianza era mi tío, José Becerra. Él es uno de los hombres más creativos , talentosos, amable y bien parecido que conozco 🙂

La mayor parte de mi familia, incluyendo a mi tío, vive en Palm Springs. Tengo la suerte de tener un lugar tan maravilloso para llamar casa . Es el lugar perfecto para descomprimir cuando visito California. Este fin de semana tuve la suerte de pasar algún tiempo con mi tío. Él, por supuesto , se ofreció a ayudar con el blog . Aquí están algunas de las fotos que tomo …

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Candy Striped Black & White









Wearing/Usando || ZARA Handmade Coat | ZARA Lace Dress | THEORY Striped Cashmere Scarf | PROENZA SCHOULER Shoulder Bag | ZARA Block Heel Leather Ankle Botth w/Stretch Detail 


Paris, as we know, is always a good idea.

I was fortunate enough to spend the last week in the beautiful city of lights. The last time I was in Paris was 2 years ago with Spencer and we had the best time. This was no different. The weather was a lot cooler than I thought it would be so I made pit stop at ZARA and found the incredible pieces you can see in these pictures.

These shots were taken at Colonnes de Buren at The Palais-Royal – amazing place to visit if you have a moment.

During my time I ate and visited incredible places. See below for some of my favorite spots:

Le Petit Casimir – The highlight of my trip was this amazing aunthetic restaurant. Owned by my friend Kathelen’s father. Le Petit Casimir brings aunthetic home cooked food you cannot find anywhere else in Paris. If you’re looking for an entertaining host and the most amazing creme brulee (made with an iron not a torch) then visit LPC.

Bus Palladium – Want to dance until the sun comes up? This is the place for you. I was lucky enough to come here with my friend Kathelen and her amazing family…didn’t disappoint

Les Chouettes – Possibly the most adorable place I have ever been. The place is 3 stories of impecably docorated amazingness. Once you get past the dining area you can look up and see two more floors of velvet and leather chairs placed next to gorgeous fire places. There is even a library on the 3rd floor so you can read while you sip on their delicious cockails.

The Beef Club – Self explanatory….all beef everything!

Cafe Marly – Want to have a perfect view of the Louvre AND the Eiffel Tower? Then come to Marly. They have an amazing selection of wine and best service in Paris.

París, como sabemos, es siempre una buena idea.

Tuve la suerte de pasar la última semana en la hermosa ciudad de las luces. La última vez que estuve en París fue hace 2 años con Spencer y nos lo pasamos de maravilla. El clima estuvo mucho más fresco de lo que pensé así que hice una parada en ZARA y encontré las piezas increíbles que pueden ver en estas fotos.

Estas fotos fueron tomadas en Colonnes de Buren en el Palais-Royal. Les recomiendo una visita.

Durante mi tiempo ahi comí y visité lugares increíbles. Vean a continuación algunos de mis lugares favoritos:

Le Petit Casimir – Lo más destacado de mi viaje fue este increíble restaurante. Perteneciendo al padre de mi amiga, Kathelen, Le Petit Casimir trae comida casera que no pueden encontrar en ningún otro lugar en París. Si están buscando un anfitrion entretenido y el más increíble creme brulee (hecho con un planchar no una antorcha), entonces visiten LPC.

Bus Palladium – El mejor lugar para bailar hasta que salga el sol…Tuve la suerte de venir aquí con mi amiga Kathelen y sus hermanos… no decepcionó

Les Chouettes -Posiblemente el lugar más adorable en el que he estado . Les Chouettes es de 3 pizos impecablemente decorados . Una vez pasado el comedor se puede mirar hacia arriba y ver dos plantas más llenas de sillas de terciopelo y cuero colocadas junto a chimeneas. Hay incluso una biblioteca en la 3ª planta para leer mientras se disfruta de sus deliciosos cockails .

The Beef Club – se explica por sí mismo…

Cafe Marly – ¿Quieres tener una vista perfecta del Louvre y la Torre Eiffel? Entonces ven a Marly. Tienen una increíble selección de vinos y el mejor servicio

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Mellow Yellow










Wearing/Usando || ZARA Jacquard Dress || ASOS Pony Hair Slide || COACH Envelope Bag


This weekend we made a last minute trip to Providence, RI – home to RISD and Brown to meet up with our friends Jon and Amy who were visiting from California. We stayed at Casa Traverse, the most AMAZING Air B&B with the best hosts. Dave and Cayla decorated their home perfectly – I had major apartment envy. They had little hints of yellow that made the place tie together so well. Their dog was the sweetest and they were just so nice to talk to!

Providence is adorable and full of cute cafes, restaurants and bars. Worth the 4 hour drive from NYC. Here’s a little list of my favorite places we visited

  • Dave’s Coffee – Super cute and modern the coffee is brewed to perfection
  • Seven Stars Bakery – Got a cheese danish from them, SO good
  • Julian’s – Great brunch but be prepared to wait because its probably the most popular place in town for breakfast
  • Faust – At the Dean Hotel, amazing cocktails and beers
  • Red Fin Crudo + Kitchen – If you’re looking for great oysters and delicious sea food look no more
  • Boombox – Fun Karaoke bar that serves you punch out of a white ceramic cat!!!

Este fin de semana hicimos un viaje de último minuto a Providence , RI – el hogar de RISD y Brown – para reunirnos con nuestros amigos Jon y Amy que estaban de visita desde California. Nos quedamos en Casa Traverse, el hogar más increíble de Air B&B con los mejores anfitriones. Dave y Cayla decoraron su casa a la perfeccion incorporando toques de amarillo por toda la casa y muchas plantas.

Providence tiene muchisimos cafés, restaurantes y bares. Vale la pena el viaje de 4 horas de Nueva York. Aqui les dejo mis lugares favoritos…

  • Dave’s Coffee – Un cafe super cool y bien atendido
  • Seven Stars Bakery – Me compre un pastel danes riquisimo
  • Julian’s – Muy buen brunch pero prepárate para esperar porque es probablemente el lugar más popular de la ciudad
  • Faust – En el Dean Hotel, tragos y cervezas importadas
  • Red Fin Crudo + Kitchen – Si buscas ostiones y mariscos, no busques mas
  • Boombox – Karaoke que sirve tragos en tazas de ceramica con forma de gato
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Grand Teton









Wearing/Usando|| VINTAGE Marabou Feather Cape | FRENCH CONNECTION Striped Sweater | MINK PINK Slasher Flick Shorts c/o LULU*S | RACHEL COMEY Perforated Suede Ankle boot (similar)


Our second stop on our road trip was Grand Teton. Although it was a short stay it was by far the best part of our trip. I never imagined the Tetons could be so beautiful (and I was honestly starting to get a little annoyed by how long the drive was) but as we were driving the road opened and all of sudden there they were. Stunning.

We stopped at Schwabachers Landing to get a better look at the Tetons in all their glory.  The reflection in the water was honestly breath taking. It was so warm in Utah that I wore denim shorts and a white tank that my friend Kelly gave me on wedding day- little did I know it would be cold in Wyoming. All of our clothes were in the trunk of the car but I had a few things lying around the back seat which actually came in handy. One of them was a Marabou feather cape I bought for for the wedding. It kept me warm while we roamed around taking pictures.

Nuestra segunda parada fue en Grand Teton y la verdad nunca imaginé que Wyoming podría ser tan hermoso. Despues de manejar tantas horas estaba un poco enfadada pero de repente llegamos y allí estaban. Las montañasse veían bellisimas!

Nos detuvimos en Schwabachers Landing para very Grand Teton en toda su gloria . La reflexion en el agua era impresionante. Era tan cálido en Utah que solo llevaba shorts de mezclilla y una camiseta blanca que mi amiga Kelly me regalo- no me imaginaba que estaria hanciedo frío en Wyoming. Todo estaba en la cajuela del coche, pero deje un par de cosas por ahí el asiento de atrás, que en realidad fueron muy útil . Una de ellas fue una capa de plumas de marabú que compré para la boda. Me mantuvo abrigada meintras tomamos unas fotos.

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Picturesque Landscapes






Town of Springdale
Springdale, Utah – Deep Creek Coffee Co.



Emerald Pools
Trail to Angel’s Landing
Chipmunk who ate all our snacks!
Angel’s Landing


View from the top of Angel’s Landing





After two amazing weeks of wedding celebrations Spencer and I took a Mini Honeymoon road trip across the country. We started in California and made our way back to NYC. Our first stop was Utah and I can’t begin to tell you what an amazing state Utah is. It is filled with picturesque landscapes made of dreams.

We spent two nights there and I’m so glad we did because we were able to do two hikes at Zion National Park. If you ever get the chance to visit Zion do not hesitate. It’s one of the most beautiful places ever and the park is incredibly well maintained. They have shuttle buses that take you into Zion from Springdale (town closest to the park) every few minutes. Once you are actually in the park they have another shuttle that leaves you at any trail head.

We got into Springdale  just after 5 pm and got dinner at MeMe’s Cafe. They had the most adorable outdoor space that had an incredible view. We had their pulled chicken sandwich and an amazing salad.The next morning we woke up fairly early and got coffee and a burrito at Deep Creek Coffee Co. Cutest cafe in all of Utah! The people were so nice and the burrito was amazing! They also have a deck outside that (of course) has an incredible view.

Once we were finished with our breakfast we headed into the park on a free shuttle. The cost for two people for eight days of access to the park was only $25, which is such a steal considering the free transportation to and from the park. You can also drive yourself into the park but dealing with parking can sometimes be more trouble than it’s worth. The park has access to restrooms and water fountains at every trail head. They have a detailed description of every trail, how long it will take round trip and the difficulty level.

The first trail we hiked was Emerald Pools followed by Angel’s Landing, which was my favorite. It’s a pretty intense hike but totally worth it. After we made it to the lookout we decided to leave a few things behind so that we could focus on the hike up to Angel’s Landing. Spencer had a bag full of snacks that he set down and we thought we would get back after the hike. Little did we know that  three little chipmunks would tear through our bag and eat ALL of our snacks! I’m glad we didn’t leave the water behind.

I’m completely in love with Utah and its beauty. I’m sure we will be back to Zion sometime in the future…

Despues de dos increíbles semanas de celebrar nuestra boda, Spencer y yo tomamos un viaje en carro. Empezamos en California e hicimos nuestro camino de regreso a Nueva York. Nuestra primera parada fue en Utah y dejenme contarles lo increíble que Utah es. Está lleno de pintorescos paisajes hechos de sueños.

Pasamos dos noches allí y estoy muy contenta de haberlo hecho ya que fuimos capaces de hacer dos caminatas en el Parque Nacional Zion. Si alguna vez tienen la oportunidad de visitar Zion no lo duden. Es uno de los lugares más bellos que existen y el parque está muy bien cuidado. Tienen autobuses que te llevan a Zion desde Springdale (pueblo más cercano al parque) cada diez minutos.

Llegamos Springdale justo después de las 5 pm y cenamos en MeMe’s Cafe. Teínen un espacio al aire libre con una vista increíble. Nos despertamos bastante temprano y desayunamos café y un burrito en Deep Creek Coffee Co. El café más lindo de todo Utah!

Una vez que habíamos terminado con nuestro desayuno nos dirigimos hacia el parque en un servicio de transporte gratuito. Ya que llegamos al parque solo pagamos $25 por dos personas para tener acesso por ocho dias, lo cual es una oferta tomando en cuenta el transporte gratuito desde y hacia el parque. El parque cuenta con acceso a baños y fuentes de agua en cada sendero. Tienen una descripción detallada de cada sendero, cuánto tiempo se tardará ida y vuelta y el nivel de dificultad.

El primer sendero que tomamos fue Emerald Pools seguido por Angel’s Landing, cual fue mi favorito. Es una caminata bastante intensa pero vale la pena. Antes de embarcar a Angel’s Landing decidimos dejar algunas cosas atrás para poder concentrarnos en la caminata. Spencer tenía una bolsa llena de bocadillos que dejo atras. Lo que no tomamos en cuenate fue que tres pequeñas ardillas podrían romper nuestra bolsa y comerse TODOS los bocadillos!

Estoy completamente enamorada de Utah y su belleza. Estoy segura de que volveremos a Zion en algún momento en el futuro …

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