Last night I attended the UrbanDaddy x Montenegro Amaro event at the Terrace of the Gramercy Park Hotel and honestly it was one of the most fun events I’ve been to in a while!

The set up was as gorgeous as can be! As I walked through the doors for the Gramercy Park Hotel I was immediately greeted and escorted to the elevators. “Once you get in press T” I was told. When the doors opened at “T” I was transported to another world!


The event showcased and highlighted the delicious liqueur! There was an intimate tasting bar where you could try Montenegro Amaro while enjoying the delicate smells of cinnamon, orange peels and spices.

I wore this WhoWhatWear Collection beauty! I figured I needed something floral to help transport me to Italy!


There was also a tattoo bar by Daredevil Tatoo. I wasn’t brave enough to get one but that didn’t stop Spencer from adding to his collection. He got a cinnamon plant…you know, an homage to the color of my skin (or so I told myself!).


As if tattoos and hidden tasting bars weren’t enough there was a confessional where you could confess your sins and receive a drink as penance. Slightly more fun than a Catholic confessional. 


My all time favorite part of this event was the cocktail styling bar paired with the video booth! Spencer and I got to dress up a little and make a fun video. I mean, does it get any better than your husband feeding you grapes? <3


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