League of the Flying Pig – Day 2

I finally had some time to sit down and write this post which I’m exciting about all over again.

The second day of the League of the Flying Pig was actually my favorite. We had a day full of activities going around the farm which included Distilling with Dave, Blend Your Own, Bottle Your Own and, Barrel Tasting!

My favorite events were Blend Your Own and Bottle Your Own. Although I was terrible at bottling my own.

Dave Pickerell the Master Distiller at the WhistlePig Farm, telling us all about the distilling process


This was a super fun event that really gave me a glimpse at how difficult it is to come up with a whiskey recipe that tastes good! We had five different whiskies of varying ages to blend with from which we had to limit down to three. We could only use a certain percentage of each which we kept track of by writing down on forms given to us. From all the groups visiting the farm, four would be chosen and the grand prize winner would be announced at dinner. Of course it was fun but very challenging. Sadly our blend didn’t win but it was pretty good nonetheless.



Okay, this one is pretty self explanatory. We were able to join the WP team and see exactly how a bottle is..well…bottled!

Step One: Grab a bottle!


Step two: Apply all necessary labels (not like I did!)


Step three: Fill it up!


Step 4: Cork!


Step five: Add plastic seal

Although this was super fun I was insanely terrible at it. I put the labels on the wrong side (PW?) of the bottle and in the wrong places. I could not add the plastic seal myself (which is why its not pictured) and I nearly left my bottle behind. Cue eye roll.



Barrel Tasting was held by one of my favorite people at the farm – Jake! We were able to taste Whiskey aged in a Tokaji Wine barrel. It was what sweet dreams are made of. Sweet and syrupy but not in an over kill sort of way.



Getting ready for the festivities with my partner in crime/one of the people responsible for this event – my husband, Spencer!

Okay, when I said earlier Bottling and Blending was my favorite I lied. My favorite was the Casino Nights and dinner. We arrived at the farm around 6 pm and were promptly escorted to a wall filled with envelopes. We were told to pick an envelope and head upstairs with a glass of champagne in hand.

The envelopes included tokens to play poker upstairs but little to my knowledge they also included prizes. Upon opening my envelope I was quick to figure out I had won one of 12 helicopter rides around the farm!

I rode the helicopter with Grisa who I met on the spot and just happened to have won as well. The ride was insanely fun and we were able to go out to see the sunset over Lake Champlain!

Aerial view of the WhistlePig FarmĀ 


Dinner started the way every dinner should – with a huge cheese and charcuterie plate!

Casino Nights in the barn – super fun!


The whole weekend up at the WhislePig farm was pretty amazing. I am so happy I got to partake in the festivities and hope I’m invited back next year!

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