House Sitting in NJ

Top & Shorts: ASOS
Sunglasses: Karen Walker at Revolve
Shoes: Lulu*s
Photos:Gabrielle Krone


Can we talk about how nice it is to get out of the city during the summer? Don’t get me wrong – part of the beauty of being in the city during the summer is that nobody is here. The streets are deserted on the weekends which makes it easy to navigate this endlessly busy town. However, when presented with the opportunity to run off to NJ to house sit…I’m not going to say “no”! Specially when I can romp around in a cute co-ord suit like the one in these pictures.

I traveled to Washington, NJ this weekend to my friend Gabrielle’s parents house. The weekend included playing with cute dogs + eating too much watermelon + singing to top 40’s while driving + going on runs + pretending to be a local and lounging poolside. What’s there not to love?

Do you have a favorite place to travel on summer weekends?

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